Friday, April 24, 2009

Crunch time!

Well, I'm back to post about something after quite a long time! I can tell you what I want to tell using a simple equation.

" Practical examinations + End-Semester exams + IPL = No time for blogging "

With exams around, I dont think I'll find time to post anything in the coming fortnight. Hoping to get back with a bang from May 12th(Yeah, thats when the exams get over).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

SAE Baja 2010


As soon as I saw a poster in my class's notice board inviting second year students for an open interview for recruiting second year members for CEG's SAE(Society of Automotive Engineers) Baja 2010 team, I remembered the baja vehicle that was displayed during Kurukshetra '08. Building an ATV(All Terrain Vehicle) during the second year of your Engineering course sounds great! I badly wanted to be a part of that team. I attended the interview with a strong resume backing me. After the 15-minute interview(quite long for this kind), I came out confident of getting selected. As I expected, my name was present in the selection list.

Now that the team is finalised and registered for Baja 2010, its time to wonder about what exactly we're gonna do - build an ATV from scratch? Probably yes! Baja tests every aspect of your vehicle - the design, stability, power, speed and aesthetics too! The venue for baja 2010 is the same as that of 2009 - Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh. As we'd be starting our work soon, I guess there are exciting times ahead!

This is the SAE baja's website...